Chapter One. Pre-season and the League Cup Group.

Saints dispense of Oran Kearney’s services and appoint Jim Goodwin, but the team struggle in an easy League Cup group.

Chapter Two. August 2019.

Saints kick off the Premiership season after Goodwin makes a number of signings.

Chapter Three. September 2019.

The season continues but good form is hard to find for Saints new boss.

Chapter Four. October 2019.

The struggle goes on as a relegation battle looks increasingly likely for the rest of the season.

Chapter Five. November 2019.

Saints sink to the bottom of the table as the lack of wins really starts to show, however performances start to improve.

Chapter Six. December 2019.

The improvement continues as Saints pick up 8 points in the month and put in a number of excellent performances.

Chapter Seven. January 2020.

The winter break allows Goodwin a chance to improve the squad with Conor McCarthy and Jamie McGrath arriving from Irish football but Kirk Broadfoot bizarrely buys his contract out to return to Kilmarnock.

Chapter Eight, Part I. February 2020, 1st – 12th February.

A run of draws Saints back into relegation trouble as injuries begin to pile up.

Chapter Eight, Part II. February 2020, 13th – 29th February.

Saints are victorious after an incredible Scottish Cup tie at Fir Park and follow this up by winning again at Motherwell in the league, but relegation fears still persist. The spread of COVID-19 begins to prompt the possibility of sporting suspensions.

Chapter Nine, March 2020.

Injury ravaged Saints faced Hearts in what increasingly looked like a match we had to win to avoid automatic relegation with the cancellation of football due to COVID-19 imminent.

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Player Ratings – Midfield

Player Ratings – Attack