The St Mirren Managers Office

Elite Group – Top Division Performance

This is a table of managers and their record in the top division. For managers who were in charge in a lower division and the top flight (for example Alex Ferguson or Gus MacPherson) their top division record only is shown here.

ManagerWon Drew Lost
John Morrison43%15%42%
Donald Turner42%21%37%
Ricky McFarlane40%28%32%
John McCartney39%24%37%
Jim Clunie39%25%35%
John Cochrane38%22%40%
Alex Miller36%22%42%
Bobby Rankin35%19%46%
Willie Reid35%21%44%
Sam Blythe33%20%47%
Jackie Cox31%19%50%
Alex Ferguson31%22%47%
Gary Teale30%4%66%
Willie Fotheringham30%19%51%
Hugh Law30%21%49%
Barry Grieve27%9%64%
Jim Goodwin27%33%40%
Donald Menzies26%24%50%
Bobby Flavell26%17%57%
Doug Millard26%13%61%
Tony Fitzpatrick (1st Spell)25%23%52%
Alex Wright25%29%46%
Alan Stubbs25%0%75%
Danny Lennon24%32%46%
Alex Smith23%30%47%
Gus MacPherson22%31%47%
Tom Hendrie21%16%63%
Wilson Humphries19%19%62%
Oran Kearney18%25%47%
David Hay14%27%59%
Tommy Craig13%13%74%

Clockwise from top left: Danny Lennon, Ricky McFarlane, Jack Ross, Alex Ferguson, Oran Kearney, Tom Hendrie, Gus MacPherson, Alex Smith and Jim Clunie.

League Performance – All Divisions

This table shows the performance of a manager throughout their Saints career in the league only, no matter what division they were competing in. For managers who took the team in the lower and top flight, this is their combined percentage.

ManagerWon Drew Lost
Tommy Bryceland60%14%26%
Jack Ross50%20%30%
Alex Ferguson45%27%28%
John Morrison43%15%42%
Donald Turner42%21%37%
Wilson Humphries41%14%45%
Ricky McFarlane40%29%32%
Tony Fitzpatrick (2nd Spell)40%21%40%
John McCartney39%23%37%
Jimmy Bone39%23%38%
Jim Clunie39%25%36%
John Cochrane38%22%40%
Willie Cunnighnam38%26%36%
Tom Hendrie38%24%38%
Alex Wright38%27%35%
Alex Miller36%22%42%
Bobby Rankine35%19%46%
Willie Reid35%21%45%
Alex Rae35%23%42%
Sam Blythe33%20%48%
Gus MacPherson32%31%37%
Jackie Cox31%19%51%
Gary Teale30%4%65%
Willie Fotheringham30%19%51%
Hugh Law30%21%50%
Barry Grieve27%9%64%
Jim Goodwin27%33%40%
Donald Menzies26%24%50%
Bobby Flavell26%17%57%
Doug Millard26%13%62%
Tony Fitzpatrick (1st Spell)25%23%51%
Alan Stubbs25%0%75%
Danny Lennon24%32%45%
Alex Smith23%30%48%
John Coughlin22%33%44%
Oran Kearney18%25%58%
David Hay14%27%59%
Tommy Craig13%13%73%
Iain Murray13%38%50%

All Competitions

This is a table for every competitive tournament. League, national cup, one off competitions such as the 1919 Victory Cup, and minor trophies like the Challenge Cup.

ManagerWon Drew Lost
Tommy Bryceland55%13%32%
Jack Ross53%16%31%
Donald Turner47%19%35%
John Morrison44%15%41%
Wilson Humphries44%14%42%
Alex Ferguson44%24%32%
Jim Clunie43%25%32%
Ricky McFarlane41%28%31%
Alex Rae41%19%41%
John McCartney41%25%35%
John Cochrane40%21%38%
Willie Cunnighnam40%23%37%
Jimmy Bone40%20%40%
Tony Fitzpatrick (2nd Spell)38%19%43%
Tom Hendrie38%22%40%
Alex Miller37%22%41%
Alex Wright36%25%39%
Willie Reid36%21%42%
Gus MacPherson35%28%36%
Sam Blythe35%18%47%
Bobby Rankine33%20%47%
Donald Menzies33%23%44%
Jim Goodwin33%30%37%
Bobby Flavell32%19%49%
Hugh Law31%21%49%
Gary Teale30%4%65%
Willie Fotheringham30%18%51%
Jackie Cox30%22%48%
Danny Lennon28%30%42%
Alex Smith28%28%44%
Tony Fitzpatrick (1st Spell)27%23%50%
Barry Grieve25%8%67%
Iain Murray24%29%48%
Doug Millard23%12%65%
John Coughlin23%29%48%
Alan Stubbs22%33%44%
Oran Kearney19%23%49%
Tommy Craig16%16%68%
David Hay15%27%58%