Kit Suppliers

Since 1977, Saints have had a manufactures logo emblazoned on the shirt as football embraced commercialism like never before. That first company was UMBRO (who also made some Saints kits before this but wasn’t visible on the design) and since then another nine organisations have had the honour of designing and supplying all kits and training gear to the club, with varying degrees of success in the eyes of the supporters.

In this project, I have individually rated every single kit worn by outfield players not only to see which one was the best, but also to find out how individual suppliers fared against each other. Below are the results.

1stUMBRO 88%
2ndADIDAS 86%
3rdADMIRAL 78%
4thJOMA 72%
=5thCORE 71%
=5thHUMMEL 71%
9thXARA 62%
10thUHLSPORT 56%


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