Albion Rovers

Having met as far back as 1890 on Scottish Cup duty, it is surprising that the clubs have only played thirty three times in official competitions in what is now approaching 130 years since, although there was a further twelve matches between Saints and Albion Rovers during WWII in the Western League that are classed as unofficial and not counted.

The last meeting between the clubs was as recent as 2016 in the Challenge Cup when Alex Rae was in the embers of his Saints management career, and the Paisley side squeezed through 4-3 following extra time after fighting back from 2-0 down in the first half.

Lawrence Shankland nets the winner during the 4-3 win for St Mirren in 2016 at Cliftonhill.

The clubs have never met in League Competition in the “modern” era, and all thirteen seasons that Saints and Rovers were in the same division was prior to the summer 1975 reconstruction, with the last time in 1974/75 not long after Alex Ferguson had took over at Paisley.

Saints have won seventeen of the twenty six league matches between the clubs, with Rovers claiming only three victories with the last of these in early 1939 thanks to a 2-1 victory at Cliftonhill.

Post War, Saints domination of the fixture has been even more impressive and the Paisley side have lost just once in eighteen matches between the two, winning fifteen of them. That Rovers victory however was in the League Cup, but Saints have won the other three matches between the clubs in this tournament.

Jimmy Knox is the top scorer in the fixture with 10 goals, during a period where the highest scoring fixture took place between the clubs, a 5-4 Saints win at Paisley in early 1935, but the following year Knox scored five in one match as the Buddies returned from Lanarkshire with a 6-2 win.

Competitive Record

Scottish Cup110051
League Cup531193
Challenge Cup110043
Unofficial Matches (WWII)PWDLFA
Western League124351820

League Fixtures

13/09/1919H1-2LDivision 1
25/12/1919A2-0WDivision 1
13/11/1920A2-1WDivision 1
22/02/1921H1-2LDivision 1
01/10/1921H2-1WDivision 1
22/04/1922A0-0DDivision 1
07/10/1922H1-1DDivision 1
20/01/1923A0-2LDivision 1
15/09/1934A3-2WDivision 1
12/01/1935H5-4WDivision 1
08/08/1936H3-0WDivision 1
19/08/1936A6-2WDivision 1
24/09/1938H1-1DDivision 1
11/01/1939A1-2LDivision 1
18/08/1948A2-1WDivision 1
25/12/1948H3-1WDivision 1
13/04/1968H2-2DDivision 2
24/04/1968A5-0WDivision 2
11/12/1971H4-0WDivision 2
15/04/1972A2-1WDivision 2
04/11/1972H4-0WDivision 2
10/03/1973A3-1WDivision 2
25/09/1973A3-2WDivision 2
23/04/1974H3-1WDivision 2
30/11/1974A4-2WDivision 2
05/04/1975H1-1DDivision 2

Cup Matches

27/09/1890H5-1WScottish Cup
21/08/1971H1-0WLeague Cup
01/09/1971A1-2LLeague Cup
27/08/1980A2-1WLeague Cup
30/08/1980H5-0WLeague Cup
03/09/2016A4-3WChal’ge Cup
23/07/2019A0-0*DLeague Cup

*Saints won 4-3 on penalties

Western League (WWII- Unofficial fixtures)

Jimmy Knox, top scorer in the fixture.

All Saints Scorers

Jimmy Knox10
Alex Linwood5
Bobby McKean5
Jim Blair4
Thomas Brady4
Bobby Pinkerton3
Doug Somner3
Gus McLeod3
Ian Munro3
Ally McLeod2
Archie Knox2
James Thomson2
Jimmy McGregor2
John MacKenzie2
Lex Richardson2
Own Goal2
Patrick McCamon2
Alex Duff1
Alex McBain1
Angus Stead1
Archibald Cowan1
Bert Ferguson1
Billy Stark1
Billy Steel1
Bobby Adamson1
Bobby Biggar1
Bobby Duffy1
Brian Third1
Charles Pringle1
Charlie Sutherland1
Denis Lawson1
Donnie McDowell1
Dunky Walker1
Finlay Cunningham1
Gordon McQueen1
Hugh McLaughlin1
Jackie McGillivray1
James Caskie1
James Dunlop1
Jimmy Riddell1
Jimmy Stenhouse1
Joe Millbank1
John Dickson1
John Sutton1
Lawrence Shankland1
Lewis Morgan1
Robert Ferguson1
Stevie Mallan1
Tom Jess1
Tom McKenna1
Tommy Robertson1
William Gall1
William McLintock1
Willie Borland1
Willie Kelly1