The Kit Room

In this series I looked in detail at the history of the St Mirren kit right back to 1877.

Due to the volume of kits Saints have had, it made sense to split this into decades where possible, but took 1877-1949 as one section basically due to the lack of available pictures for each year, however it has still been comprehensively covered.

Each article has a full history of the strips with pictures, as well as the occasional background to individual players. These can be viewed by clicking on these links:

1877 to 1949. The very first kits used by the club, not always black and white, until a steady format became tradition; black & white stripes, white shorts, and usually white socks

The 1950’s. Change begins but tradition maintains…………..for now.

The 1960’s. The first real change to the home kit for half a century as the stripes are ditched for half the decade.

The 1970’s. A return to tradition is overshadowed by the birth of commercialism and manufacturer logos appearing on the kit for the first time.

The 1980’s. Commercialism continues at pace as shirt sponsors are introduced and remain until today. The controversial ‘Bib Strip’ is revealed in 1987 as manufacturers take the opportunity to try and make a bold statement with kits.

The 1990’s. Manufacturers begin to introduce real breaks from tradition particularly with away kits, and Matchwinner reveal an all black away kit with a Paisley Pattern swirl throughout which sells extremely well in England. Yellow, blue and tangerine away kits are also tried to various success as does a “half in half” home kit in 1994-95.

The 2000’s. Tradition is kept with the home kits as the away option continues to include a number of colours although red is used a few times.

The 2010’s. Commercialism takes a new twist as manufacturers choose their own corporate colour in the home kits between 2013-15, the latter of which is known as the “barcode strip” and universally unpopular, however several home kits throughout this decade are still loved today.


Home Kit Slideshow 1907-2018

However, if you want just a quick look, all the kits are in these galleries below.

Away Kit Slideshow 1979-2018

Third and alternate kit slideshow 1989 – 2018

Goalkeeper Kit slideshow 1961-2018


Home Kit (1907 – 2018)

Away Kit (1979 – 2018)

Third Kit (1989 – 2017)

Goalkeeper Kit (1961 – 2018)

Cup Final Kit

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