2018/19 – Player Stats

The first category is the top 10 players going by the average score over the entire league season with the qualifying criteria being a minimum nineteen matches played.  Mihai Popescu just edges out Vaclav Hladky, but what is noticeable is players from the Stubbs era scores are significantly brought down to the first part of the season:

PlayerAppearancesOverall League Average
Mihai Popescu217.5
Vaclav Hladky217.4
Kyle Magennis196.8
=Kyle McAllister196.7
=Danny Mullen296.7
=Stephen McGinn436.6
=Simeon Jackson316.6
Jack Baird436.5
=Paul McGinn466.4
=Ryan Flynn356.4

The second category is an overall season average including cup competitions, with a draw between Popescu and Hladky. Again, the players from earlier in the season have been hindered by the poor start:

PlayerAppearancesOverall Season Average
=Mihai Popescu217.4
=Vaclav Hladky217.4
Kyle McAllister196.8
Kyle Magennis196.7
=Danny Mullen296.6
=Stephen McGinn436.6
Simeon Jackson316.5
Jack Baird436.4
=Ryan Flynn356.3
=Paul McGinn466.3

The third category is an even playing field between the January signings and the rest of the squad, with Ryan Flynn and Paul McGinn shooting high up the table to reflect their vast improvement over the full campaign:

PlayerAppearancesSince Transfer Window
Mihai Popescu217.5
=Ryan Flynn357.4
=Vaclav Hladky217.4
Kyle Magennis197.3
Danny Mullen297.1
Paul McGinn467.0
=Kyle McAllister196.7
=Stephen McGinn436.7
=Simeon Jackson316.7
Jack Baird436.6

A list of goal scorers in all competitions:

Danny Mullen297
Simeon Jackson316
Adam Hammill134
Cody Cooke184
Kyle McAllister193
Paul McGinn463
Duckens Nazon122
Kyle Magennis192
Cammy Smith242
Stephen McGinn432
Ross Stewart41
James Kellermann61
Anders Dreyer111
Hayden Coulson111
Alfie Jones121
Brad Lyons171
Cammy McPherson181
Ethan Erahon231
Ryan Flynn351

A list of assists in all competitions. Please note I do not use the SPFL records and have my own criteria for this:

Paul McGinn467
Adam Hammill135
Ryan Flynn354
Cammy Smith243
Anders Dreyer113
Danny Mullen292
Simeon Jackson312
Kyle McAllister192
Stephen McGinn432
Brad Lyons172
Duckens Nazon121
Ethan Erahon231
Alfie Jones121
Ross Stewart41
Jack Baird431

A list of combined assists and goals, showing most effective players during the season in this category:

Paul McGinn3710
Danny Mullen729
Adam Hammill459
Simeon Jackson628
Kyle McAllister325
Cammy Smith235
Ryan Flynn145
Cody Cooke404
Stephen McGinn224
Anders Dreyer134
Duckens Nazon213
Brad Lyons123
Kyle Magennis202
Ethan Erahon112
Alfie Jones112
Ross Stewart112
Cammy McPherson101
Hayden Coulson101
James Kellermann101
Jack Baird011

Man of the Match awards:

PlayerMan of the match
Stephen McGinn6
Vaclav Hladky6
Craig Samson4
Mihai Popescu4
Kyle McAllister3
Anton Ferdinand3
Simeon Jackson2
Adam Hammill2
Cammy Smith2
Ryan Flynn2
Hayden Coulson2
Lee Hodson2
Gary MacKenzie2
Danny Mullen1
Cody Cooke1
Kyle Magennis1
Cammy McPherson1
Jack Baird1
Paul McGinn1

Player of the month awards, please note some months were shared:

Player MonthNumber
Vaclav HladkyFebruary, April & May3
Craig SamsonJuly & August2
Stephen McGinnJuly & December2
Jack BairdSeptember & October2
Lee HodsonDecember1
Dean LynessDecember1
Kyle McAllisterJanuary1
Danny MullenJanuary1
Ryan FlynnMarch1
Kyle MagennisNovember1
Anton FerdinandSeptember1

Clean Sheets and penalty saves, including shoot outs.

PlayerAppearancesClean SheetsPenalty Saves
Craig Samson1746
Vaclav Hladky2134
Danny Rodgers510
Dean Lyness410

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