Dave McCrae19
Barry Lavety5
Jimmy Knox4
Own Goal4
Alan Gebbie3
Jim Blair3
Thomas Brady3
Bobby Rankin2
Eddie Gallagher2
Gardiner Speirs2
Jimmy Howieson2
John Wood2
Peter Kane2
William Clark2
Alex Stewart1
Archie Gemmill1
Archie Knox1
Bert Ferguson1
Bobby Pinkerton1
Bobby Reid1
Brian Gallacher1
Campbell Money1
Donald Henley1
Donnie McDowell1
Gary McVie1
Ian Munro1
James Connor1
James McDonald1
James Rorrison1
James Thomson1
Jim Rooney1
Jim Traynor1
Jimmy McGregor1
John Latimer1
John MacKenzie1
John Meechan1
John Whitelaw1
Kenny McDowall1
Patrick McCamon1
Ricky Gillies1
Ronnie Hamilton1
Thomas Ashe1
Tommy Workman1
Tony Fitzpatrick1
William Gall1
Willie Lawson1

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